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The Best Keratin Treatments

Today, we can find different Keratin Treatments, which seek different goals and we will differentiate below . To get more tips, please read: Best Keratin Treatment

Professional Keratin Treatments

They are those that are carried out in hairdressers or beauty salons by professionals. Recommended for people who do not know how to do it for themselves or who prefer an experienced person who will leave it to them better and can advise them on the best products for their hair. Here we must differentiate two types of Treatments ...

1.1 Repair Keratin Treatment or Keratin Shock

These treatments, also called "keratin bath", are only and exclusively seeking to improve the health of our hair: more body, strength, shine, color, softness and, ultimately, healthier hair. Keratin without formaldehyde, that is, pure keratin, is usually used for this type of treatment. Which involves a natural product, which does not harm the hair and only provides positive substances for it.

1.2 Keratin Straightening or Brazilian Straightening

With this treatment you want to achieve, in addition to the benefits of Keratin, a smoother and straighter hair, that is, a complete straightening of our hair. Keratin with formalin is usually used for this type of treatment (always with amounts less than 0.2% established by law), since formalin, even being a dangerous substance, helps to achieve the smoothing effect that we desire, which is why Keratin alone does not get properly. If you want more information about this. Visit the " Keratin Smoothing " section.

Homemade Keratin Treatment

They are those that are carried out from Home and by oneself. Recommended for people who already know about Keratin treatments or have previously done it and want a cheaper solution.

For this, in addition to a series of steps or guidelines to be able to do it, we recommend that you visit the " best Keratin products " section where you can find a top 10 with magnificent products and at very reasonable prices.

2.1 How to Apply a Keratin Treatment at Home

a) Wash your hair and remove moisture with a towel

b) Take a bowl, a brush and some gloves. Next, pour the keratin product you have bought into the bowl and put a clip on your hair to be able to separate the strands and distribute the Keratin correctly throughout the hair.

c) Then we will take each strand and with the brush we will apply the Keratin. It is important that it does not have contact with the scalp, to avoid possible irritations. To do this, we separate the strands a few centimeters from our head to be sure not to touch it.


d) As we apply the Keratin with the brush, we massage the hair at the same time so that the Keratin penetrates well. So with each lock.

e) When we have finished covering all the strands. We have two options: one for those who have dry hair can directly dry it with the dryer and then iron it, managing to better penetrate the product and have more effect. And for those who have oily hair they can choose between the above for dry hair or leave the product for 15 minutes with a hot towel around it applying heat, rinsing it with water afterwards and combing it afterwards.

f) We're done! Enjoy much stronger, softer hair with more color and shine.